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understanding ag

Understanding Ag is a regenerative agricultural consulting company that provides the support and confidence to help our clients reduce input costs, generate actual profits and ensure family farming futures. We accomplish this by educating and mentoring farmers, ranchers, landowners, businesses, and communities in the principles and practices needed to restore, repair, rebuild, regenerate their farming and ranching ecosystems.

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american grassfed

From the farm to the marketplace and in government policy, we support, advocate, and promote American grass-fed and pasture-based farms and ranches. We do so by:

  • Maintaining a credible, transparent national standard for animals humanely raised on pasture
  • Partnering and collaborating to support rural economies

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white oak pastures

White Oak Pastures is a six generation, 152-year-old family farm in Bluffton, Georgia. We take pride in farming practices that focus on regenerative land management, humane animal husbandry, and revitalizing our rural community. We know radically traditional farming creates products that are better for our land, our livestock and our village. We are fiercely proud of our zero-waste production system that utilizes each part of the animals we pasture-raise and hand-butcher on our farm.

bda farm

BDA Farm is a young, community-based farm located on 6,000+ organic acres in the Alabama Black Belt. We seek to feed, nurture, and serve our community, as well as heal and restore our Black Belt land through regenerative agriculture.

joyce farms

Joyce Farms is a family-owned company dedicated to providing top chefs, artisanal butchers, and educated consumers with the finest, most flavorful poultry, beef and game raised on small farms using humane, all-natural methods.  Nothing added EVER – no pesticides, animal by-products, hormones, growth stimulators or antibiotics.  We use Regenerative Agriculture methods.

nourished by nature

Here at Nourished by Nature we believe that the quality of the food we raise depends on the quality of the soil on which it is grown or raised. Our belief is that if we have healthy soil it will provide for clean air, clean water, healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people. Soils that are biologically active produce foods that are higher in vitamin and mineral content and when we eat these foods, these vitamins and minerals are passed on to us. These soils are also able to store more carbon and water which has a positive impact on the environment.